hamachi server

i just started making a server in gmod with hamachi in the last 24 hours and i have seen people using srcds with it
i was wonderin what that does differently to the server then just running it off of hamachi by its self
is it beter to use it with hamachi then just hamachi?
and any other details that would be usful to a person who just started making servers
thanks for the help

what’s your steam account page

steam is issacthecruel
my username is MrSuperAwesomCoolPants

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more detail on my questions
like will the server stay up when im not on the server
what i have to do and not do to make sure it doesnt shut down all of a sudden
what addons i should run to make it beter (thinking its going to be a ttt or a stranded)
how would i get the addons to work
and will the server and anyone who joins have to download all the addons that i have
i tryed making the server with just hamachi without srcds and they had to download all of them even if the server didnt need them and as soon as i disconnectded the server shut down
would srcds change this
and as always thx for the help :slight_smile:

are you using nonsteam gmod? it makes a difference and we would be able to help you if you specified

no my copy is steam

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sry worded that bad
yes my copy of gmod is steam

Can you link us please?

explain please new to this site

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what kind of link are u asking for?

Steam Account link.


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that what your looking for?

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why do you need it

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i do not have the server on and i have not installed srcds yet

it would be nice if someone would reply

if you’re using the steam version of gmod there’s no reason to use hamachi.