Hamachi Servers

Something weird is happening, My friend(A), another friend(B), and myself are in a network on Hamachi… They can join my servers on Hamachi, And my friend(B) can join my other friend’s(A) servers on Hamachi… But whenever I try to join one of my friend’s(A’s) servers, I get this in the console:

“] connect
Connecting to…
LAN servers are restricted to local clients (class C).”

This didn’t used to happen, what the hell?

P.S. In case it isn’t obvious, i’m asking for help.

You need to enter sv_lan 0 into your server’s console. You can find a solution to your error by simply Googling it by the way.

I already have set it to sv_lan 0, and you think i’m stupid enough to not google it first?

EDIT: Friend (A) doesn’t have to set sv_lan 0…

Man, this sucks, guess I won’t be able to get any help…

Buy the game.

inb4 PCpaste is banned

Why would he be banned?

Cause he obviously pirated the game lol but i dont care that was just mah guess dawg

Sure, whenever someone use Hamachi, that’s because he pirated the game, not because he has problems with port forwarding or something, especially when he has the “Non class C address” and not the “This Steam account does not own this game” error message.

If he doesn’t, you won’t be able to join, as sv_lan 1 only allow class C address to connect (Which are in range to I think).

You need to have Hamachi as your primary internet connection before servers will work over it.

Not required, as he can still connect to his friend’s server (it doesn’t timeout).

No, it’s the opposite, he can’t connect to his friend’s server. sv_lan 1 on his friends’s server might still work, though.

Actually, he cannot get in the game, but he can still connect. How else would the server detect that his ip isn’t in class C?

Okay, we were using words with multiple meanings.

Anyways, when you say “This didn’t used to happen,” do you know what could have changed?

Hm… have you try so one of your friends start the server and you join they on hamachi that can work