How does hamaci work?

If you just want to play with your friends, tell them to download Hamachi, then create a hamachi network and ask them to join it, then create a game and tell them to join by your hamachi IP (which is the 5.x.x.x on the top of your client).

Okay i understand but can u guys be in different states??


Awesome thanks guys

Pirates! Why not use steam.

Why do people always go “OMG PIRATES” whenever someone use Hamachi? They may just have some problems with port forwarding which Hamachi can easily fix…

Im not pirating i just dunno how to forward ports and infact i do use steam


I already went there idk how to do that

It chops the steps up in bite size bits, you really must be stupid to not get this.

Setting up hamachi actually takes MORE effort then port forwarding.

Sometimes, port forwarding isn’t an option for reasons such as an overbearing ISP that locks down your modem as to prevent clients from configuring features such as port forwarding.

Unfortunately, Hamachi is no longer a free service/software although you can use it free for 14 days…

I bought it :smiley:


Ill try it out thanks

I’m using hamachi for a long time now, And its 100% free, you can try out the full version for 14 days though after these pass it reverts to 100% free version. It gives you limitation of 16 people per room and if for some reason ya get relayed connection it gives you an 8 kbps cap.

As to OP : Did you buy software you dont know how to use?

Hamachi and Gmod, could be useful I guess :3



Just choose Unmanaged. It’s free, and it never expires.

No lol i was lying

Really, if you know how to port forward, it’s easier than setting up hamachi

Yup…How can i close this thread