Hey, how can I use hamachi so that friends can join locally hosted servers, without me forwarding my ports? I have the guy in my hamachi network but not sure how to make it so he can join my server.

he can go to his console(when your server is up) and enter in the following magnificent console command

connect your hamachi ip

Oh nice, thanks!

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That didn’t work, is my hamachi IP the one right at the top of the hamachi screen? Above my PC name?

If they are on the same network you can just do this:

Open start menu, open command prompt. Type in “ipconfig” Then memorize your LAN IP (usually 192.168.x.x)
On your friends computer type in “connect 192.168.x.x” replacing x with whatever numbers you got from ipconfig.

This should work, I have not tried this myself.

Oh so if they are on the same hamachi network, they can connect to my local server through my LAN ip?

This cannot work. Hamachi doesn’t send out the LAN IP (and it would mess up if people were on the same subnet).

Try to check if you have a local (software) firewall blocking something, Hamachi cannot bypass it.