Hamer Protection

I was wondering how I could i put a decent protection on my map.
I know one which is unplayable in solo. ( That’s good :o ).
I am not talking about anti-decompilers stuff hum :).
Thanks for reading this!
Best regard ;D

There isn’t one sure way to keep a map from being decompiled. There is a guide here: http://www.tophattwaffle.com/protecting-a-map-from-decompiling/

There is more, however! You can remove the entity lump from the map with this tool here(drag the BSP onto the .bat): entlump_remover_bsp(onedrive) - It will output a different BSP and the lump. When running the map make sure the entity lump is in the map folder.

There is one more, and this one can mess some things up with -staticproplighting. This program here(drag BSP onto exe): IID BSP(onedrive) Will make it so if anyone manages to decompile your map, every single texture on the map will be replaced with tools/toolsskip. The issue that it creates is that if any of your models have normal maps, they will be lit as the ambient color of your light_environment, and won’t be vertex lit which in many places looks very bad. If you run into this issue, open up the .mdl in a hex editor, and look for the material it uses, then open the VMT and remove the $bumpmap. It won’t require a recompile to fix the lighting, thankfully!

Oh, well derp. Not decompilers? Okay, Well there isn’t one I can give you here without also giving away how to get around it. PM me when you get the chance, and anyone else interested as well.

First of all thank you :slight_smile:
I change my mind if someone want to take my map even if i out everything he will do it so well… doesn’t matter.
Anyway, i’ve got this really **strange **error ( event TopHATTWaflle don’t know what is this )
“Warning: area portal has 512 verts. Could be a vbsp bug.”
If someone know what the hell is this ? :slight_smile:

Just a shot in the dark here, but it sounds like an area portal is either composed of multiple brushes, or is a complex shape instead of cube. If that’s the case, I’ve heard that only using single, cubical brushes for area portals avoids weird issues.