Hammer 4.0

Can someone upload the first available version of Hammer to support Source, Hammer 4.0. I can’t find it anywhere.


https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Hammer_Editor_version_history heres a list of worldcraft hammer versions for refference , hammer 4.0 is stated as early source sdk but must have been used internally by valve, https://valvearchive.com/archive/Other%20Files/Hammer%20Editor%20Archive/ heres an archive of all released worldcraft/hammer versions, but no 4.0 so it must have been just used internally

The valve archive only has the early half-life 1 versions of hammer (3.4 and 3.5). Version 4.0 was definitely released. I know I used hammer 4.0 back in the day as I remember when it changed from using the same style model browser as the model viewer to the green VGUI browser added in 4.1.

I don’t know if anyone bothered to save a copy of 4.0. Maybe one of the physical releases of HL2 included the SDK on them.

However, there is an even earlier not-intended-for-release version of the hammer editor available that supports source. It is part of the 2003 HL2 leak, which can be downloaded at HL2.Beta.ru.

This version is rather buggy and needs an empty hl1 .wad file to work, so if you want to use it I suggest installing the Axel Project patches available from the same site. Also you’ll need to replace the compile tools (bsp.exe, vvis.exe, vrad.exe) with modern versions of the tools so the compiled maps are a version compatible with the modern source engine.

Sorry for the unhelpful reply, but I’m genuinely curious why you would need such an early version of hammer?