Hammer and Crashing

So, just a note here for Fix-It Friday.

If I upgrade a pillars/walls to stone my client freezes for a second and then does one of these two things:
Crashes immediately.
Freeze stops and the client continues but for a minute before crashing anyway.

(Will update with more specifics as causes become obvious)

By chance are you using an AMD GFX Card? I saw two other guys on the steam community forums say they have the issue and they are using AMD/Radeon cards. I am having the same issue but it’s been happening for two weeks now. Haven’t been able to play due to it. This is after full re-installation of the game.

Here is my output log that shows where it fucks up.

I’m having this issue as well since last week’s update. I can upgrade most things with my hammer, but if I try to do roof pieces or pillars, I crash to my desktop.

I run an AMD R9 270.

I crashed 3 times in a row trying to upgrade a roof, 4th time I walked back a little and very carefully did it, AMD also.

I’ve crashed roughly a dozen times while building/upgrading structures. It appears to have started with the March 19th patch. I am also running with an AMD (6850 I believe).


AMD here as well. Looks like it’s a common issue.