hammer beginner troubles

Hey guys,

Have a few questions for ya.

  1. what hammer version do I have to use to make maps for gmod ? Is source engine mp good for it ?

  2. If I wanna make a ttt map, how do I import the guns and stuff ? Cause only a mac-10 shows up on garrys mod when I placed the m16 too.

Thanks !

Yeah, Source MP is good for it. As for the TTT guns… I don’t know. I think some, if not all, are from CS:S, but I may be wrong.

Doesn’t matter what game you use as long at its source mp or source 2009 or earlier.

Hey guys,

Quick question, where do I get all the hl2 stuff ? I don’t have the oil-drum or any of that stuff ! so where do I get it ?

you need to select half-life 2 for those to appear in hammer

Ensure that the game is hl2 or ep1/ep2 and place a prop_physics with the model of oildrum.

I would reccommend you follow the my 1st map tutorial here:

Sweet ! Thanks guys !!! Oh, and thanks IronPheonix, your tutorial was very helpfull, answered my questions ! Thanks!!:smile:


Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) FGD file. What it does, is add every entity that they made specifically for TTT, into the editor.

The following site, made by the people who made TTT, shows where to download the file, how to use entity’s, example maps with the entity’s in it, and even how to install the file.