Hammer ( Black grid )


I think the best way to explain it, is I have a blank / black grid, for the source game INSURGENCY
I will say this once, I only have a black grid for the game Insurgency, This blank grid does not happen on any other source game, not cs:s, garrys mod, tf2, ect…

Here is a picture, I do not know how to fix this, and the reason why I dont just make the map on like cs:s and just put it into insurgency is because I need the entities or the map is useless

Edit: I followed this tutorial to set up the options for it,http://www.fpsbanana.com/tuts/3538

Are you using Source Engine 2007? Try SOurce Engine 2009 (drop-down box on the main Source SDK window)

No im using source engine 2009, and I think part of the problem is because I messed up when I was setting up the options, cause you know for games that are not offical valve games, you gotta set it up in the tools options. I think i fucked up there but I cant find out what

Refresh SDK content.

Currently trying this, I will edit when its done
Edit: did not work

FOund out the problem! finally, If you are interested in why this happened you can contact me via pm

Why can’t you just share your solution with the community? :confused:


Because that is an incorrectly set up config, like the millions of incorrect gmod configs that we get sailing through this site. On the whole, custom configs are a pain, and it is usually easier to just use a default config.

I map with Episode 2 when I map for Gmod, really easy and Ep2 has some awesome props that I most commonly use.

This happens a lot to me to. Usually reseting the game configs or refreshing the content will fix it. Sometimes it just fixes itself. Push comes to shove, your could always reinstall the SDK. That will definitely fix it.

I’ve tried it, it does not fix it.