hammer camera problem

i was wondering if anyone else was having this problem, but it seem i can look down award and i cant move around really. only forward and backward

i tried reinstalling it. the camera controls are all messed up

Try to press Z in camera mode

There’s this thing called google. Try it.

I had same problem, until I noticed, if you have 3dripper DX open it will mess up, or sometimes fraps.

well i dont know how to google cause i dont know what i would call the problem.

the problem is when i press z to enter the camera mode

Maybe this?

Map > Entity Report > goto

Try it.

This error happens on all of the EP1 hammer’s

i didnt google cause it just comes up ways to map

when i move my mouse left or right it just rolls left or right. it does not turn to the left or right

It rolls?

Don’t get me wrong but are you staring downwards?

Also if reinstalling didn’t help I’m not completely sure that hammer is the problem.

well i totally reinstalled steam in whole. it the weirdest thing. i can move around in it a little bit but, there is no way i could map anything with it. im running windows 7 64 bit but i don’t think thats the problem.

It sounds like something is conflicting with hammer, programs that have an overlay, other than steam have caused this for me, such as FRAPs. Also I believe doing certain things with graphics tweaking programs such as ATi Tray tools can have asimilar effect.

im running NVIDIA GTS 250. I did have a video screen capture program running the other day when hammer was on. Maybe that did it. VHScrCap and flash media live encoder.

I guess I can try to take thoses programs off


i think its working now. i dont really no what the problem was at all

This is a little off topic, but what a coincidence, I’m running the 250 GTS as well! :razz: