Hammer cannot select front face

Ok, so the problem is this:
I try to select a face in hammer via the 3d view, and say i have multiple brushes, one in front of the other, so i click on the top brush, yet the on in the rear is selected

Click -->[1] [2] [3] <–gets selected
So i click on 1, yet 3 gets selected.
Any ideas on what might be causing this? I have re-installed Source SDK

Thanks in advance for the help!

Sorry i hate to bump, but this is a really pressing issue for me. Nobody has any clue why?

I don’t get it. So according to your example, this is about brushes and not faces? Or… . ???

If this is about the brushes, then you propably have them grouped together. In this case just Ungroup them (the buttons at the top left corner of the window).

Brushes, and they aren’t grouped.
Say i create 3 separately in a row. i click on the first in the row ( looking at it so i only see a single brush) and i click it to select it in the 3d view, with the select tool. However it will not get selected but the farthest entity back will.

You may get better help in the Mapping Forum (http://www.facepunch.com/forums/38-Mapping) than you will here.