Hammer Carve Bug

I have been using the Carve tool (Ctrl + Shift + c) and when i use a brush to carve a different brush it works fine but, when i use a brush as my carver that has already been carved or if i carved a brush that was already carved it cuts my FPS in half and lags it until i undo the carve.

My problem is that i carved a brush that was already carved and then i saved over it and i can’t remember what/where it is, so hammer has a low FPS when i am in my map.(it is not low FPS on the earlier save)

Anyone know how to fix this problem? i know if you select the carved piece it will be a solid red color but, i don’t want to go around searching if there is another way.

I’ll give you a tip: don’t ever look into carve for answers. Carve in general is dumb and useless as it may end up giving you problems later on. Clip is the better option. Also, who did teach you this?

Never use Carve. Problem solved.

Don’t carve, do it manually. Carving is a horrible way to make maps, and should only be used to see how something will look, and then to try and recreate it with normal brushes, but less horribly.


The left is carved, while the right is manually.

The right one looks nicer doesn’t it?

Also, don’t hollow because its the exact same thing as carving. Use the cordon tools and the clip tool.

you should probably look for the most complex looking brush in the map

As i used the carve tool i noticed it i learned a lot about hammer in a day of playing with it.

Hm. Well I guess you should definitely read up some tutorials in popular websites such as Interlopers or Halfwit-2. Valve’s Dev Wiki helps a lot information-wise. Generally, carve and hollow are the main two tools you’d want to avoid. You probably won’t understand the reasoning behind it early on, but I’d suggest you experiment with the numerous choices given to you.