Hammer CHALLENGE: 30 Minute trial

So here is a challenge for FP’s preimier mappers, or upcoming newbies:

Go into hammer and make the best Hallway you can in 30 minutes.

This is a chance to show of your “Ubar sk1llage” to the FP community, And its easy and simple!

Here are the rules:

  1. You only have 30 minutes! Not a second more!
  2. If time is up, and there is a leak, you may seal it up. But nothing more!
  3. It needs to have lighting.
  4. Custom textures, models and such ARE allowed.
  5. You can use any entity provided with hammer. Including NPC’s.
  6. You can copy elements from other maps YOU have made. Aslong as the actual map is fresh work.
  7. If your map is shite, or breaks after the 30 minutes, Start again.
  8. Provided screenshots!
  9. Pat yourself on the back
  10. Well done!

Here is an example of a Russian bunker I made quickly in 30 minutes.

Ready FP? Set. Go! :dance:





What if someone cheats? How do you know if someone uses more than 30 mins?

I’m hoping people will atleast try to follow the rules. Of course there is no possible way to make sure everybody follows the rules.

But since there is no prize or rewards, Rather its just a showcase, i would not see any point to cheat.

youll be (most likely) able to see it from the pictures

Are you allowed to make custom content or does it count as part of the 30 minutes (I had models in mind).

I tried something but now i lost it because hammer crashed…and i had 15 minutes to go.
Am i lost? or can i try it again?

  1. You can copy elements from other maps YOU have made. Aslong as the actual map is fresh work.

This kinda ruins the whole “Let’s see what you can make in 30 minutes” idea.

30 minutes is way too long anyway, 10 minutes would be a challenge. With the right textures and props, you could make http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/12/11975/rd_blocks_inside0026.jpg in about 30 minutes.

No, But PAST made custom content is allowed.

You can try as many times as you like.

I mean small elements like lights. See those lights in my map? Those were copied. Because i didn’t know which sprite to use…

So is anyone going to post content? Or what.

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The rules are set for this to be open for Newbies and Pro’s alike.

Alright here is what i made:

Your textures are horribly aligned on those pillars.

Yes i know but i had to do it quick.


That was made in about 30 mins.

I made this in 15 minutes yesterday, oh the shame :smithicide:

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Wait a minute, i think i know where you got this idea from


Was my image I copied some stuff from.


I didnt use any images or anything i just started with random brushes