Hammer compiler randomly freezes on VVIS portal flow

Hammer seems to keep freezing up on the portal flow when it is running VVIS.exe. Is there a fix to this?
It’s up to 3 and it stopped.


Oh, and all the errors that came up by pressing alt P are fixed. And it’s still stuck.

Nevermind. It seems like the sky change game it a longer compile time.

Changing the sky shouldn’t chance squat. Have you func_detailed any clusters of detail brushwork? Such as the frames of windows/wooden detailing/rims on columns and such.

Well… Should I?
The only real details I have at the moment are a few columns as supports for an awning, and the other for a catwalk.
I am trying to do basic brushwork because I only started mapping on sunday.

If you have any cylindrical brushes touching flat ones, func_detail them, otherwise there will be tons of splitting during compile.

Maybe that explains part of it.
Any other tips on how to lower compile time?