Hammer Compiling issues

When I try to run my map it doesn’t create a .bsp file, only a vmf and vmx
Is there something wrong with my map or is there something wrong with hammer?

You have to press F9 to compile.

pressing F9 is exactly the same as pressing Run…nothing happens

Did you press okay?

If so paste the compile log.

Obviously I pressed okay, but where can i find the compile log?

Also to make sure no further questions go unanswered,
the .bsp is not in the folder it is supposed to be in so yes I know where it
should be.

The compile log is the lines of information in Hammer’s processing window that pops up and updating as soon as you basically press Run Map. When it finishes compiling, click the Copy to Clipboard button at the bottom of the window, and paste it here (between [noparse]

[/noparse] tags of course).

Also, what engine version and game configuration are you using?

Try making another map, and then compiling that.
Sometimes i’ve noticed weird things have happened when the .vmf is corrupt in some way, and the map seems to “not compile”.

Also, are you trying to use any textures that aren’t found by hammer?
I had an issue where a texture was missing on an obscure face, and the map never compiled. If so, this is your problem. Find the offending texture (checking the map for errors usually does it) and fix it, then recompile.