Hammer Config Problem

I can’t change the configuration that my Hammer editor is on, I want to use my TF2 config, but I can’t change it for some reason, when I use the drop-down list, it shows all of my options, but when I choose one of them, I refuses to actually change, how do I fix this?

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Maybe my configuration is just screwed up for TF2, anyone have what items go into what boxes to remake the TF2 configuration, I actually just got it to change, but when I tried to launch it, I was told that the files are missing or corrupt, or something like that, so, what should I but where to fix it?

Reinstall Source SDK and manually create the configurations. It happened to me a lot, but that’s how I fixed it.

Have you reset game configs and refreshed sdk content?

Those should be the first two things to try.