Hammer Crash Issue. Any help is appreciated.


I am currently making a map for Garrys mod using the Counter Strike Source hammer. But the editor is beginning to crash more and more, to the point of which I am unable to do any major work.

The crash just closes the program, it doesn’t really “Crash” or say Program not responding, its a clean exit. Just like if I closed it myself.

The crash itself happens when I click something, right as I click on one of the 4 tabs (top/side/front/3d) views. Then hammer just closes.

Here is my crash/dump file. And again, any help is appreciated.

Hammer is known to be unstable or crash if there’s a specific element in a map it doesn’t like dealing with.

I recently was working on a map where I had some env_sprites using a specific texture and hammer would just disappear. I debugged it and found out that hammer didn’t like the texture having a sprite scale of anything other than 1.0, changing it to 0.5 would make it crash.

Some years ago, I had a map where hammer would disappear if I looked at a certain part of the map in the 3D view. It turned out to be a func_button that somehow had its brush model removed while the entity still existed.

My advice is to try and remember what elements in the map you made where Hammer started having trouble and remove or modify them. You may have to start by deleting huge portions of the map until the crashing stops and then slowly start adding the pieces back until you hit the area causing the trouble.

Just make sure you keep several backups.

The cordon tool would be helpful here.

It wont, its in-engine crashes, not while compiling or afterwards.