Hammer crash


A while ago I got tired of mapping so I took a break, now I want to start mapping again but I’m constantly getting crashes on hammer. It can even crash when I just move an object or something. When it crashed, it shows this error: 0x0d1ca359. I’ve tried google it, but I can’t find anything about it.
I also had trouble with getting no grid lines on hammer but that seemed to be fixed now.

I’ve pretty much reinstalled everything related to hammer but no success.
Could anyone help me here please?

Also, pardon my english, but I guess its understandable.

It might help if you select Engine Version: Source Engine 2009 in the source sdk screen.Just add a Half-Life 2: Episode Two configuration to that engine version and of you go. I had problems with my grid not showing up aswel, which is fixed by doing just that.