Hammer crashes during compile

I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem but it seems when ever I hit F9 to run the map hammer will crash during the compile. It will seem to run fine until it reaches “PortalFlow” where it will go painfully slow for a while then crash. It seems to be ok with very simple maps but as soon as I make a more complex map I can’t seem to run it which is very frustrating :frowning:
I’m quite new to mapping so I may have overlooked something simple here…
Anyone got any ideas?


It doesn’t crash, you’ve just made your map badly so it takes ages to compile.

Despite being unresponsiove, it is, in fact, still running.

You can confirm this by pressing control+alt+delete, looking in your processes and and check to see if either vbsp.exe, vvis.exe or vrad.exe is running.

Ok thanks, I’ll have a look next time I try to compile it.
You don’t happen to have any tips on optimising do you? or could point me in the right direction to learn some techniques?

Learn it.
Use it.
Love it.

Ah thanks! this is a really cool site :smiley:
So how long does the average map take to compile? when made correctly of course. Also, is it possible to change the priority of vbsp.exe, vvis.exe or vrad.exe using the task manager to free up some CPU so that the compiling process can run smoothly in the background? or is that not advised?

There is no such thing as an “average map” when talking about compile times or optimization.

well any kind of example would help, and helping one another is what this is about after all.

There is no average time, every single map is different, has different situations, environments, etc. However maps shouldn’t take long to compile if fully optimised, with some exceptions. Large open areas will drastically increase compile times.

Also, Lord Ned, you couldn’t have put it better.

While there isn’t a set time it SHOULD take, a map shouldn’t take more than a minute or two to get through VVIS. The most you should ever see it take is 5 minutes, and that’s for the really large, complex maps, where visclusters can’t be applied as easily as dragging one across the entire map. Like, say a 5 story apartment building in which every room can be entered.

Yeah but in linear singleplayer maps VVIS shouldn’t have much work as you should be using optimization to tell it exactly how to calculate stuff.

Yes, so far my single player contest map, VVIS used to take 2 seconds, now it’s <1 second, because there were two tiny brushes I forgot to func_detail.

Also, areaportals help quite a bit along the way.