Hammer crashes in model browser after importing custom models - folders merged, can't remove

Essentially I tried porting a bunch of models over from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl unsuccessfully, so I downloaded them from someone who had already done it. Some of the models worked swell, but when clicking on a few of them or just clicking around in general my model browser does this irreversibly;


I tried working in the VGUI-less browser but I can’t since there are no icons for the model so I’m left blind.

EDIT: I managed to remove the models, but I really want to use them. At least Hammer doesn’t crash any more.

I had this problem ages ago. As far as I can remember, there was something wrong in the QC file. I guess it was a wrong bracket or something. Try removing some not necessarily needed lines from the QC to find the problem.

But I have no QC file

There should be a QC file if you had to recompile them.

So, uh, since I suck at these stuff - my opinions are to somehow fix this by recompiling the ~1000 models one by one (right?) or - is there some other way of fixing this? Someone who can automate converting .ogf to .mdl somehow.
I honestly have no idea what I am doing so don’t yell at me for being unknowledgeable as shit.

You don’t know what you do, but do you know what you did? Can you explain. I think only a certain plugin for 3ds Max can export to the source engine while not confronting the user with QC files.

No, I tried to port them unsuccessfully. I downloaded them from someone else after that. Sorry for the confusion.