Hammer Crashes When I Add Certain Entities

I’m trying to make an ammo room for my map, but if I, for example, add an ammo_357 entity Hammer crashes with a “memory could not be read error”. Other entities work fine, and some don’t.

Any help?

Not sure if it will help but i found this:

I tried what it suggested and I still can’t add certain entities.

Also, this may be relevant, but I also occasionally get the same error playing Garry’s Mod. Particularly zombie survival.

Nobody wants to help me? :frowning:

I had this before. It’s something to do with the models I think, or you have an incorrect setup.

So how do I fix it?

If you don’t have a pirated copy verify integrity of game cache and defragment cache files, If you have a pirated copy buy the real one.