Hammer crashes when using GMOD config.

First i was having a problem with the source sdk… I found out that i had to run it in ep1 mode if i didn’t own a ep2 game. Now, the thing is that… I have searched alot for an answer. But i have only found treads wich tell me to buy ep2… Or use the css config, but then. The spawns don’t work. My problem is basicaly that when i load or create a new map using the gmod config in hammer ep1 and tries to do annything, moving the camera or making a box ( Or whatever ) it crashes. Is there annyway to solve this without buying an ep2 game?

Help is greatly apreciated.

First, NEVER use gmod config, second, force the game to create info_player_start or info_player_deatmatch, and lastly: if the crashes keep happening, make hammer show the 3d vision in Textured, not Shaded.

Thank you for your fast respond.

It’s not good when your words are highlighted in red.
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As stated above, never use Gmod config. But from that kind of member I’m not expecting a good map. 08’er and smartness loss.

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You know what? I don’t care if you think i’m a newbie. Go ahead, just tell me that i’m an idiot, just because i’m new. Without new peapole, there wouldnt be annything. Also, i’m not even new :smiley: I was a member between 2005 and 2006. Then i lost gmod… I could no longer play. I didn’t even have internet.:smiley: I got deleted because i was unactive. i’m not new to hammer editor either. Maybe i’m just new to gmod mapping? Please, punish me…

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If i ever release a map, it will probably not be as great as all you other superior peapole around. There is absolutley no reason telling what another person told me. Even more, no reason to flame peapole asking for help. What is this forum made to do? Help new peapole. A meeting place for peapole to discuss, and be friendly. A help for those “new” who can’t create awesome mods, scripts maps or alike, so that they can experience the fun of a great game. When you ever joined this forum… I bet peapole didn’t flame you for being new.

Also, Cheshire_cat, Thank you for telling me.

This is what makes forums retarded. Retard fights.

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But, annyways. If i’m not gonna use the gmod config… How can i compile?

The compile tools for old engine games are the same. If you compile with the CS:S configuration as compared to the HL2 configuration, the resulting .bsp will be the same either way.

Also, GMod is compatible with both new and old engine .bsp files.

So i go into hammer… Press run map… And then take the bsp file out of the cs maps folder and then put it in the gmod map folder? Will the “obsolete” entitys still work?


Thank you :smiley: A “Friendly” to you :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean Gmod .fgd? I have only Gmod and CS:S

Yes i mean the Gmod fgd. Or well. The settings from the official wiki :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I missed something…

What should I load? What games i need to make maps for Gmod?

What did you miss? I did as you told me and it worked out great :smiley:

Another simple question , Where do i find the jeep with and without the gun?

Something about Svamenzi’s .fgd question. Can you explain more?

The airboat? It’s prop_vehicle_airboat. The gun can be enabled and disabled through inputs.

I meant… Is it a prefab, entity?

Point entity.