Hammer Crashing After Loading garrysmod.fgd (Shader-Based Skyboxes)

Hey, after Garry introduced shader-based skyboxes, I’ve been wanting to put one in a map I’m creating. However, there have been problems.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Importing garrysmod.fgd into Hammer.

  • When loading a custom .vmf, Hammer closes with no warnings.

  • When loading a decompiled version of flatgrass, Hammer is fine.

  • Importing garrysmod.fgd into Hammer.

  • Load up the decompiled version of flatgrass.

  • Create the env_skypaint I want, copy it.

  • Unload garrysmod.fgd.

  • Open up custom map, attempt to paste the env_skypaint.

  • It works for a bit until I try and save/compile, in which case it freezes then crashes with no warnings.

  • From then on, I can no longer use that version of the map.

  • Load the custom map (garrysmod.fgd is NOT imported).

  • Import garrysmod.fgd after map has completely loaded.

  • Create env_skypaint (works completely proper)

  • As soon as I try to compile the map or save, it crashes with no warnings.

  • From then on, I can no longer use that version of the map.

I’ve been searching around for a bit, and kind of heard that you shouldn’t use garrysmod.fgd. Is there a way around this, or is this happening to everyone?

You can’t JUST use the garrysmod.fdg without also importing some of the orangebox content (at least this is how hammer was when I used it awhile back), but considering this new shader system is causing your problem this may not help you, unless of course the shader skybox is based off of another source game.

Give that a shot

If not, I know you can use hammer with a different base fdg and just import the materials and models from gmod, a simple google search should show you how to do that. Good luck!

Hey, that seemed to work for the most part!

One problem, however. None of the CS:S textures/models are showing up, and it says that I DO have the cstrke.fdg imported into Hammer under the configuration.

I’m compiling this now, and I already love you for getting this to actually work.

EDIT: Also, if this helps:


EDIT2: Also, all the lighting on CS:S textures got screwed up because they weren’t in hammer, and so are fullbright.

I’m not completely sure on your CSS problem, like I said it’s been quite awhile since I’ve done any mapping. I know there is something you have to do to import css into the game, even though you have the cstrike gcf imported, there are also general “source_models, source_materials” etc gcf’s that you’ll want to add too. This is probably where all your missing content is. A lot of the props are used between multiple source games, and any of that content will be in those generic gcf files, the individual gmod/cstrike gcfs only contain files that aren’t “generic” across most source games.

I fixed it by changing the game executable to CS:S’s, rather than Garry’s Mod.

Thanks for the help!