Hammer Crashing on .VMF Load (Ravenholm; d1_town_01)

So I’ve spent the last couple of hours troubleshooting and pulling me hair out to no avail including searching through countless forums with no lucking of finding the answer. I’m planning a new ttt map which takes place in an opened up Ravenholm however I can’t actually get the map to open in the hammer.exe located in the Garrysmod bin folder. Basically I decompiled the first Ravenholm map from the Half-Life 2 Campaign (d1_town_01), went through and deleted most of what I didn’t need in the HL2 Hammer.exe, and re-saved the map as a new fresh .vmf. I even downloaded an old Ravenholm map someone made which basically cleaned it up and removed most of the entities and even then hammer wouldn’t open his map so I’m at a stalemate.

At this point I’m beginning to think it’s the textures since both the original vmf and the Ravenholm map I downloaded both use HL2 textures however most if not all of Half-Life 2’s textures appear in hammer under the “brush selection tool” so I’m not sure why it would be doing this. I also read several times that invalid symbols such as " and . may be causing the crash however this is a Valve designed map and I doubt there would be simple symbol errors however I’m open to that being the problem as well.

If anyone has any idea on how I can fix this or a new troubleshooting idea then please let me know since I do want to get started on this project as soon as possible. I’ll link the edited .vmf below in case people want to see for themselves what is causing the problem, for those of you who like to tackle problems hands on please feel free to download it and see for yourself what is causing it.


Edited VMF Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j9b0ctygz6cs0u6/d1_town_01_stripped.vmf?dl=0

(I take no credit for the map or the .vmf I have decompiled thus far, obviously.)

your .vmf loads fine in my Gmod Hammer :confused: if you still have trouble use visgroups and untick world geometry and world detail using the hl2 Hammer then save and open the vmf in gmod hammer then using visgroups tick te 2 items so they show in hammer again, but like i said the vmf is ok for me :slight_smile:

No go, unticked both of those and even unticked everything entirely and both still is causing Hammer to crash after 33%. The only real modification I’ve done to Hammer is include the ttt.fgd and throw a bunch of custom materials and textures into the root Garrysmod folder so I don’t see why it’s still doing this.

Anyone have any new ideas?

i added ttt.fgd to hammer and it crashed then i removed the garrysmod.fgd leaving just the ttt.fgd and it loaded , that could be the cause

Yep removing the ttt.fgd and loading the map worked, I even added the ttt.fgd with the map open and the entities showed up however when I actually tried to save the map with the ttt.fgd added hammer crashed and completely corrupted the .vmf, I’m really glad I made that backup on my dropbox.

Now that we know that the ttt.fgd is causing the problem and is the cause of not only crashing the Ravenholm map but also the one I downloaded does anyone have any ideas on how we can get the ttt.fgd to work while in the Ravenholm map?

just a thought, if you do Alt +P it gives a load of entity errors maybe if you fixed or deleted those then the map might load with both .fgd’s

I don’t think so, I tried to load the Ravenholm Reborn map and it crashed too and that one is extremely bare bones compared to mine.

I actually found a temporary fix, if I load ttt entities from other maps they are considered obsolete however they still function so I’ve been copying and pasting ttt_weapon, ammo, and player spawns into the map which still function however it doesn’t corrupt the map. This will prove difficult for making traitor traps and a traitor testor because if I remember correctly you can’t edit the obsolete entities with outputs and inputs but for now I have random weapon spawns and player spawns which is a good start.

Still looking to see if anyone has an official fix so I don’t have to do that but if worst comes to worse at least the map now functions in ttt.

It’s because ttt.fgd is having trouble with already defined entities in hl2.fgd like the weapons for example

Can you give me an estimate of exactly which entities are causing the confliction, already deleted all of the weapons, ammo, and items from Half-Life 2 but if there are any other specific entities that are causing the crash then I’ll see if I have any of them on the map.

If your map loads with the ttt.fgd just use that setup because the ttt.fgd should contain the basics of the garrymod.fgd and theres no need to use both