Hammer, demolition option


Since the demolish option was disabled from the game, the people who raid you put armored blocks or armored walls to impede you to get in your house again. So if the reason for disable the demolish option was that the people who raid you could erase your home completely, there is no point to keep it

its really annoying to break some part of your home if someone put something in the wrong place and you cant demolish it with the hammer…

Could you think about it?

Yea … this option needs to come back. If somebody can raid you, it means your base has flaws. The other problem is, even if you rebuild your walls, they still know exactly where your resources are. And because the walls are permanent, you can not remove a few walls and place your resources somewhere else.

There needs to be a owner system where the foundations and everything build upon it, is owned by that player or group. And only those that “own” the foundations can remove walls.

But do not expect the developers to fix this any time soon. They want bases to be raided ( its there focus ), so making things easy for base builders to remodel there base after a raid, also makes it difficult for raiders in the future.

Another disadvantage is now you can not build any more hidden room. Before you where able to build hidden rooms where you can remove the walls. Now everything you want to access needs a door = big indicator. So you need to wast way more resources on building fake doors / maze.

This was more or less the exact reason the demolish feature got removed though. It’s far too abusable. I miss demolish just as much as you guys, but you have to understand the logic behind its removal. It was too easy to tear down your own walls.

Now what I would suggest, is a happy middle ground between the two. Walls should be easier to destroy if you own the cupboard near them, but still harder than clicking the magic demolish button. So you would still need to physically destroy the wall, but at least you wouldn’t have to smack on it as much as a raider would. I feel it would dissuade people from abusing walled rooms, but still give enough mercy to those builders that didn’t go full architect on a piece of paper before setting down a single block.

Yea … even when i go full architect on a building. All it takes is one foundation you can not place and suddenly your building has a big weak spot. And forget about adjusting if your building is already partially upgraded to wood / stone.

Remove walls indeed need work. But not like now hacking away at them like your trying to break into your own home. lol

There should definitely be a way for the “PLACER” to remove what he has placed but it should not be instant it should be on a progress bar, like 20 seconds to remove and it cannot be done if the block has been damaged recently.

Basically a system where placers can remove what they have placed would be ideal.

You can pickaxe any building part and it will break. Yes, it sucks a little but its not a complete loss. I pickaxe many building parts everyday (yes-including armored ones).

I also put upgraded blocks in houses I raid, usually when I can’t get all the way into every part of the base but this only happens if the tool cupboard was easily reached. Stop putting your tool cupboard on the first floor and start making sure your upstairs/downstairs connectors are secure so I can’t just run up to the next floor. Also, don’t put things I can jump on like furnaces on lower floors where they can be used to get up.

Buildings don’t need “placer” privileges. Not all structures are bases. I hate the idea that just because someone placed something they get the right to remove something they didn’t place or come back later to remove something they did place. Some players like to take over buildings and live in them. There are players who build things for other people and will sell them in game for some type of trade- this is the kind of creativity that you are really going to be missing out on here.

I sort of have an idea if you guys would hear me out.

1.Give the cupboard 2 functions:
First function is the right to build within the cupboard zone (like it is now) and anyone can get access to it once they authorize with the cupboard

Second function is the right to demolish but you need to enter a passcode on the cupboard to use it,this demolish function does not work the same as the old one.The salvaged hammer gets re purposed into an infinite durability wrecking hammer that takes 20 health away from everything it hits as long as you have demolish rights.

The problem with the above is unfortunately that the raiders could demolish the original cupboard and then place their own to prevent you from demolishing or worse they would abuse it to demolish your base.

Another idea i have is to have the demolish rights linger in the area to the users that have right to the cupboard for 24-48 hours after the cupboard has been destroyed.This means raiders can’t use their own cupboard to demolish and their grieving is kept to a limited amount because the players that have demolish rights on the destroyed cupboard can still demolish things with the wrecking hammer (salvaged hammer) within 24-48 hours.


cupboard has 2 functions:
build rights and demolish rights

Salvaged hammer is turned into wrecking hammer that does 20 dmg per hit for those that have demolish rights.

demolish rights on cupboard is password protected

demolish rights linger for 24-48hours after cupboard destruction so raiders can’t exploit it.

I wont break a armored part with a pickaxe, too much time to break it and i dont want to waste my time that way

I waste my time going to the radtown and breaking barrels for nothing and trying to ride immposible houses right now, so i dont need to waste my time with that too

I honestly think that FacePunch seems to be supporting the raiders more than the builders, as building is extremely hard, especially if you have build from the ground up, just to be raided again and start over… and Raiding is extremely easy, just have the right materials and maybe a few friends, and you can do anything. This gives an unfair advantage to those who do not spend countless hours on servers, and have other obligations such as jobs, schoolwork, sports, etc… While there are people who clock up to 10 hours per day on this game, and they basically own the server because they think they are all high and mighty with all their gear. The only way this stops is when the server wipes… I think FacePunch really needs to balance out the game, and make ways for builders to make it harder for raiders to destroy their bases.

Zipper bear is onto something, same for DCWarhound.

First, allow demolish, but as a faster decay. So you can’t just wipe out those stairs when you return home or go harvesting; they’re going to linger long enough to be vulnerable. But if you want to remodel, you can start the process while still doing normal gameplay.

Second, new permissions to TCs only grant build privileges. The demolish follows hours later. Between the two prior owners still have a window to retake and repair their structure. If they hold onto it long enough, they can undo grief-additions as well. No free pass, just the opportunity to get it back.

i don’t think the benefits of having demolish back outweigh the potential damage greifers can do with it as a tool. even tied to the TC, all they need is access and they can now start all of your foundations demolishing themselves with a few mouse clicks.

i would rather have to work around/physically break armored stairs in my doorway than have someone who raids me drop the entire house with a broken mechanic. and although c4 can be used the same way, it costs a hell of a lot more than a wooden hammer.