HAMMER destruction

How do I make nice breakable things.

Example: You make some stairs, how do you make it look like a piece of the stairs fell away.

Example 2: How to make a bridge look like part of it fell away.

Here are some pictures of what im trying to achive.


http://img7.imageshack.us/i/buildingnight20017.jpg/ - if you look at the stairs


Hey I made those, I feel happy

There are better pictures of them in the thread http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=823800

I’ll get some info on how I made them in a bit

I was coming in here for a pic of a huge sphere that was carved to make hollow haha.

But for this just use combination’s of the clipping tool and displacements.

Hey, can you give me a simple explaination on how you made these

Spent a lot of time in hammer just for details, that’s pretty much it for a simple explanation
And like what TH3_L33T said

I actually make the whole buildings complete first, then I destroy it. Like the bridge for example all the arches were there at a time; then I select what I wanted out, deleted them and add stuff to complete the look

Here’s what some of the destruction looks like in hammer(I removed all the details and changed the textures to dev so you can see it better)
Everything is on the grid(Unless it’s rotated), and pretty much everything is func_detail

And an example how I create before I destroy
To this:

This might not be the best way to do it, but it’s my way

And I’m horrible at giving advice so hopefully someone else comes along and explains it better

Wait, in your map what is the texture that you use as the ground

It’s a dirt/debris blend, not sure about the actual name though.

And for destruction, just make an ordinary building like Hazrd did and just ruin it.