Hammer Editor and Windows 10

I’ve been intermittently working on a Garry’s Mod map in Windows 7 for the past 3 years, but I’d like to make the upgrade to Windows 10. Would I be able to continue working as I have been, without error? Has anyone else here been mapping since installing Windows 10 and if so, is it any different?

Edit: I have successfully re-compiled all the projects and test maps I’ve worked on after transitioning to Windows 10 and haven’t encountered any unusual errors yet. Hopefully this clears things up for people in the future who might have the same questions I had. Also, thanks to everyone else who contributed.

Why not just take the plunge and try it? If things break, try setting it to use compatibility mode for Win7. If things still break, you can always revert to Windows 7 and Windows will do all the reverting for you.

I’ve gotten Hammer and Windows 10 working just fine normally. But not compiled anything at all.
This was tested under normal Source SDK. No CSGO SDK shit.

Good point, I keep forgetting the 30-days-to-revert thing. In that case, I will give it a try some time in the next two days and report results back to this thread. Thanks!

What OS was Hammer designed for? XP? I’m just curious

I’ve had zero issues with hammer and windows 10. It works fine. (compiling too)

Windows 95, actually. It was originally a 3rd party level editor for Quake before Valve bought it. It’s original name was Worldcraft, but Valve changed it later on. It hasn’t actually changed very much since then.

Here’s what version 1.6 looked like from 1997, one of the first versions released under Valve, I believe:

As well as its press release: