Hammer Editor: Changing the Model of NPC Spawns

I am reposting this as I had it in the wrong section.


I know this may be my first post here, however I have been using Facepunch forums for awhile now (as in browsing). Now is the time for me to make a post as nothing I have found seemed to fit my situation.

Anyways, here is what I am looking to create. I am currently in the process of editing a map for a server. There is a room called the Simulation Room, which is a large open area with some barricades and stuff (Starwars RP server). What I am aiming to do is to create a set of buttons back in an observation area, and have three or four buttons to pick from. The first three buttons are the rows in which the NPCs spawn, and the fourth removes all the NPCs currently spawned.

I want to have the NPCs with the AI npc_combine_s, and have a specified model which I already have. I already now how to made NPC spawns, and I already know how to spawn an NPC in the world, however I do not know how to have a NPC spawner which spawns the NPC AND the custom model.

I also have tried to create another custom AI by making a .FGD file, however that did not work.

If I am unclear, or need to describe anything else, I am more than happy to do so, or if I am posting in the incorrect section, please tell me so.

Thank you very much for the help.

Before editing any map make sure that it’s absolutely OK for the original creator !!! If it’s the map I’m thinking of most people won’t even know who created it in the first place since it git ripped too many times.

Have a read about this:

And this :

If you pack in your map a model that use the same path as the combine model, and the same model name, it should override the default one. And so it will show your custom model instead.

In npc_ itself in flags check the “template npc thingie” one
Then create the npc_template_maker with it set as target ( the npcs are spawned at npc entity i think )
If you need to set the custom model on npc you leave the smartedit and enter models path at “model” value

I have checked the original map creator before starting my edit process, everything falls under open source. Thank you for saying this though :slight_smile:

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I was already successful in editing the model for a npc_combine_s, however i want to create a button to spawn another when the original dies. I cant have a NPC constantly alive in the map in order to duplicate it when the npc spawner.

Thanks for supporting us mappers :slight_smile: … The easiest way is to treat the npc as any other object and just use a point_template. You won’t need any instance or change any flags. To change the model simply paste a model path into the “model” drop down property. You can have multiple models at the same time that way. Have a logic_relay that has the output to “ForceSpawn” the point_template… the button should enable and disable that relay and spawn the first set of npcs when pressed first. On the combines have an output on the logic_relay : OnDead > logic_relay > trigger. That way you will have npcs spawn until you press the button and disable the relay.

Thank you for your response! I went ahead and gave what you said a shot, still no go, however I am certain I am doing something incorrectly here.

Where you said to paste the model path in the model drop down, I am assuming you men’t inside the point_template. However in there, there is no model selection anywhere (Smart Edit on or off). From there I followed the rest of your instructions, and I still was unable to create a NPC spawner. Thoughts?

Thank you for helping!

No No it’s in the npc_combine_s properties. You can change it to some default settings or paste a path link to a model that is in you games folder structure.
point_template tutorial