Hammer editor - Client timeout on test

My client times out after a bit while I am testing my maps. Why does this happen?

It only happens when you go straight from Hammer to the game, so just restart the server. It happens to me and as far as I know it also happens to everyone.

What do you mean? I use run map from hammer to test it. How would I restart the server?

If you’re mapping for a Multiplayer game, just go to Create Server/Game and create a server with the map.

If you’re mapping for a Singleplayer game, just open up the console and type map “mapname”

I dont even have it converted. I was asking why does it time out while running it from hammer editor?

I guess i will just have to do alot more to try out my map for maybe 1 minute then edit it again.

What’s hard with opening your game the opening hammer, adjust tweaks compile, the do map mapname and test?

I see what you guys mea, thanks.

add +sv_lan 1