Hammer Editor Configuration

So, I am making my very first map on Source SDK Hammer Editor, and it’s for Gmod. So far it’s worked perfectly. However, when Gmod 13 was released, I’m guessing that the configuration stuff for it got messed up.

In my Garry’s Mod configuration, the graphs are all missing the mesh, and zooming all the way out doesn’t do anything. Also, the 2D viewer doesn’t show any props I had put into the game before this issue started. I’ve removed every trace of SDK from my computer and reinstalled it, then reconfigured it, and now it’s doing it again. This makes me positive that it has something to do with the configuration.

I made this post (http://forum.randomgs.com/index.php/topic,14573.0.html) a while ago, and thought it was fixed, but apparently not. If anyone knows a configuration for Gmod that is up-to-date and very precise, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!