Hammer Editor Crash Notice (and fix)

I have not found this thread here so I thought I would share.
Valve has released an update about a few days ago. I know this is a late notice but I figured i post it now. Their latest update crashes any loading of maps that have ammopacks.
Now you can fix this by manually removing them using a notepad editor like notepad++. Here is an example of what I would find in a .vmf file.

You will need to remove all ammopacks. Medium, small, or large. just Ctrl + F “ammo” and remove each entity that comes up. You can then save it and load it in hammer. If ammo is a big issue at this moment for you just backup each ammo entity and add it again afterwords and use a different compiler.


Presuambly you mean tf2 ammo packs which makes no sense, as i just loaded one with ammopacks.

I am referring to the tf2 ammo packs. Are you sure you have the latest SDK installed? As the tf2maps community is aware of this bug at this moment.

So bassicly you gotta recompile all maps w/o ammopacks

SDK updated a few days back. No issues on my end. Is this for all maps, or just ones older than the update?

older then the update. I tried opening multiple decompiled official maps like ctf_2fort and ran into the problem. went on tf2maps and saw someone found the issue.

Ah, ok, that would be why mine are working :slight_smile: