Hammer Editor crashes


I started my new project and found that the Hammer Editor in Garry’s Mod is completely broken (at least the last 2 builds).

The problem is this: I created an ordinary box. And I began to place my models in it. In the models there are not many polygons, somewhere around 500-1500.
For a while everything was in order, but later, when I decided to put several light sources, Hammer began to crushing quite randomly with a 0 byte dump.
It can go from a banal flight in a 3D view or an attempt to put a point entity.

Garry’s Mod is clean and has no addons, so I checked the cache and even asked a friend to check, it’s the same.
And no, this problem is not in my models. I checked the map in Hammer from Half-Life 2 and it’s all right.

I’m more than sure that this problem appeared after the update, in which it was stated that now the performance of the 3D view is much better … As a result, I received not a working tool.

Post the files and steps to reproduce.

models / materials / map - https://puu.sh/xGUmY/3ed27abf2d.7Z

I already wrote that I just open my card with these models and get the crash of the program. So I even recorded a video where I demonstrate that in gmod hammer crashes, and in hl2 hammer everything is in order.

Я уже написал, что я просто открываю свою карту с этими моделями и получаю крах программы. Вот я даже записал видео, где демонстрирую, что в gmod hammer вылетает, а в hl2 hammer всё в порядке.

I think this should now be fixed on the Garry’s Mod development branch. You can right click on the game in your Steam library and select ‘Properties’ to switch between branches. It might take 15 minutes or so for the update to reach Steam, though.

Thank you. I completely forgot about the existence of these versions. I downloaded the dev build and the problem seems to be gone. I’ll unsubscribe later if she comes back.

By the way. I completely forgot to report one more problem. The command menu_reload does not have any effect, before it rebooted the main menu.