Hammer Editor , Day / Night

I want to know how to create a cycle day / night automate ie such that every 20 seconds it’s night …

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Try engine that actually supports it?

You can try to code it. Biohazard did such thing, you can ask him :slight_smile:

https://code.google.com/p/swarm-deferred/ The deferred rendering in the swarm branch that biohazard made could help.

If you are mapping for csgo you can use Vscripts

If you are using an older/modified branch of Source (like Gmod) and have a large map, you could try doing it with colour correction + skypaint (if on gmod), and having 2 different maps with the different lighting. Like a daytime map that can work for morning, day and evening, and a nighttime map with all the streetlights turned on.