Hammer Editor for LINUX?

Been looking for this for some time. Where can I get Hammer for Linux?

I have no problem running it with wine, but as long as it’s glitchless.

also, before you tell me to use Windows I can’t. Because my Windows 10 died thanks to the fucking creator’s update, and all after my GMOD spontaneously crashed while I was posing ragdolls.

Besides, I don’t get to control half the shit I’m doing, I can’t play my old PC games because “DEYR NAWT CUMPAT-IT-ABOWL AKNEE MOAR SO FAWCK YEW!”, so that’s another minus.

Plus, my whole Windows 10 experience is nothing but this:

[sp]i’m not saying Linux is any flawless, but this is what I’m having to do a lot with Windows…[/sp]

It’s a forum. Not live chat. Develop the slightest amount of patience.

also, use windows you nerd

Thanks for the offer, but that’s the same operating system that died on me (Windows 10)

So I would, if it weren’t for the fact my GMOD crashed violently and Windows just so happened to need to update to Windows 10 Creators Update while booting up., and it was waiting to update the same time my GMOD crashed.

I ain’t spending money on a piece of shit OS that will be dead in less than a year. Besides, Bill Gates just controls what the fuck I do on Windows, so…

lol I know, it was just a joke. I’ll admit, it’s a real shitty joke.

How much time did you give windows to actually update? The creators update is big and took my laptop several hours to complete.
You could just run a VM of an unlocked windows 7. Knowing hammer, that’d be less of a hassle to do.

from here some people say it can be done using WINE or PlayOnLinux