Hammer Editor is not showing boards ingame.

The boards will show up in the 3d view of hammer but when I compile and run the the map they do not show up ingame.
i ment wooden boards if I was not clear

Make sure you have them under the right kind of entity. If you mean the wooden boards that break apart and everything, make sure they’re prop_physics (or prop_physics_multiplayer if it’s a multiplayer map)

I need them to be prop_static if thats possible, even though it is checked under the model viewer.

Are the board model or brush based, if brush based what entity did you tie them to? use func_breakable, don’t use func_breakable_surf as it is only for glass and can’t anything but a rectangle.

Edit: Ninja’d but use prop_physics and disable movement or prop_dynamic if it lets you get away with it.

The regular prop wooden board. I dont need it to be breakable or anything. I could just use a brush but I like the texture it suits my map.
Edit: Well ok i could do that

c+p from another thread, but it is the same issue. You MUST have the props a certain type or they will not display in game.

Make them a prop_phsyics and disable movement in the flags.

I know this. I’m not stupid. It says it can be either Prop_static or Prop_physics but it won’t ever show ingame as Prop_static.

Prop_physics with the motion disabled flag set?

Evidently it cannot be a prop_static.

It says it can be… (Prop_static) box is checked
but anyways how can i make the prop_physics board unbreakable

Flags tab

Why do you want it to be unbreakable?

Wood generally breaks.

Also, hammer gets it wrong an annoying amount most of the time.

You want to set the min damage to hurt REALLY high. Then only really strong things can break it. Make it like 9999999999999999.

Because, sometimes gameplay is more important than realism. I have boards that cross a gap, and breaking them would make the game either too easy or too hard.

Try actually reading the quote, before fobbing it off then complaining about exactly the issue i describe.

In the case of the board (as people cannot seem to understand if the quote isn’t written exactly to their issue)-

It can only be a prop_physics. You can tell this as both the static and physics boxes are checked. If just the static box is checked, then it can be a static. If static and either dynamic or physics is checked, then it cannot be a static. Don’t ask me why this is, it just is.

Hammer almost always lies to you about what type of entity a prop can be.

Lol… that is not entirely true, but that will be ok for now.

Yeah, I think there’s a physics override or something that allows static props to be physics… Not sure, but I’ve used it for a ladder.

Using that rule works. There may be some exceptions, but, for me anyway, it works.