Hammer editor, make a view trough teleporter

Hello everyone, i’m still working on my map, but im now stuck:

I want to make an teleporter where you can see where you’re going to before you walk trough, i saw it already on some maps, but i dont know how to make it… I hope you can help me.

Little Pic how i mean:
paint power on

Your best bet would be to use point_cameras and func_monitor brushes.

thanks, will try :smiley:


Okay, but now i have this problem:


And it hasnt the result i wanted:

I wanted if you look from an other point into it you see an other point:

if you stand on the left side of it, you can see the right side of the room at the end of the “portal” and so on.

If you are using the portal 2 engine, the best option would be a world portal, otherwise just the above method (which works for all source games I think)

I assume this is for GMod?

What you want isn’t possible without Lua. Getting it to work and behave flawlessly is hard too.

Believe me, I know:

Only one point_camera/func_monitor pair can be active at any given time. It’s a limitation of the Source engine.

I have seen maps that just take a screen shot to where the portal leads you and just makes it a texture and applies it where the portal it.

That sounds like pure shit.

If you switch between cameras really fast, you can sort of get more than one camera be active at the same time:

It doesn’t flicker that much in-game. Though I don’t really know what sort of performance problems it could cause on MP. You definitely wouldn’t want to do more than 4-6 of them.

It may sound like pure shit, but they did it for a reason. You can only have one active rendertarget at a time, so if the player is using an RT camera, or if the one for the opposite end of the portal is active, it’ll fuck up.

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That’s… so obvious. I feel dumb for never having thought of that.

He literally just meant taking a screenshot of the destination and making it into a custom texture, then applying it to the face of the portal.

Couldn’t you create a high definition cubemap on the other side of the portal, then make the portal texture a completely reflective material with that cubemap? That would be better than a simple texture but I don’t know if that is possible anymore as I have spent so much time with UE4.

What did you think I was talking about?

I know I’m late on this thread, but that idea seems really interesting to me. Could be used for some really unusual effects.

[dumbidea]If the geometry of your map allows it, you could just copy the location of the exit portal, and place it behind the entrance.[/dumbidea]