Hammer Editor Map Size

I am new at hammer editor and I’m going to make a map of my business to have fun with some of my co-workers on. if my office building is 711 x 720 feet, what would the map size be on hammer editor. Would it be bigger, smaller, our those dimensions. Thanks for the help.

I would still be the same dimensions, in game and in real life.

thx and r u 100% sure?

  1. http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Dimensions
  2. Learn to search.
  3. Try to use proper spelling and grammar here, this is not a text message.
  4. Making a map of your office could be a breach of contract or be seen as some form of terrorist plot…just to warn you.

thx 4 teh info. and im only using it with my co-workers, no1 else. (txt msg :slight_smile: )

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Note there may still be some legal complications if you have a douchebag coworker who makes a fuss about the map to authorities/your boss, there have already been two students arrested for remaking their schools in Hammer, under terrorist charges.

But if it’s a close group of friends you trust, no worries. Just letting you know that you should be careful.

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Not to mention that is you have signed an NDA (non disclosure agreement), then making a map of your offices could count as a breach of that, landing you in deep shit.

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and to the original poster, no you shouldn’t worry about getting arrested because of your map.

in Hammer Editor, your office building map should be about 11376x11520 units, because in Hammer, 16 units is about equal to 1 foot.

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Pretty bad idea building it to exact dimensions seeing as VBSP and VVIS really only like large powers of two. I personally use the 64 unit grid for planning buildings, and the 16 unit grid for building rooms. Generally, I stick to the triple-width rule. If your room is 15 feet long, that would be 180 inches long. Since this is about 3 times 64, build this room on the 64-unit grid and make it 192 units wide. Another example would be a 20 meter-wide field. This is about 787 inches, which is about 3 times 256, so build on the 256 grid.

It really isn’t as important as actually making a good map but it’s useful for consistency and neatness, as well as preventing leaks and mistakes. It also leads to perfect texture and lightmap alignment.

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Don’t worry about making the walls in powers of two, this is a dumb rule that I hear all the time that really doesn’t make a difference in the grand scheme of things.

However, if you choose to make a wall 10 units thick, try to make most of the other walls in your map 10 units thick as well to be consistent.

I’ve re-made tons of shit from my school in Hammer and no-one cared

I even got featured in a year group assembly for it

lol just don’t mention you can play CS:S on it. XD

Well, it’s kind of hard to manipulate a brush when it doesn’t fit on the damned grid. Sure, you could make the grid smaller, but then you gotta zoom in every time you want to line something up. The grand scheme of things is EXACTLY what using stupid widths makes a difference for. Besides, I’m talking about the dimensions of the negative areas of rooms, not the width of the walls extending out into the void. A room that’s 100 units tall and 187 units long and wide won’t have very good texture alignment, will it?

Some schools are lax, others will be very strict and consider anything of the sort a platform for simulating terror activities in the school, I guess you are lucky. Don’t push your luck and have a LAN party at school featuring your map compiled for CS:S though - that will end very badly.