Hammer Editor: need help with 'ambient_generic'

Greetings! so the thing is that I basically wanna have some background audio for my appreciated CQB facility map, that I have been editing for months with much love by adding target discrimination scenarios, multiple rooms for clearing, shooting drills and much more stuff… but whatever, I guess that’s something which wouldn’t concern you at all. I already got a brilliant .WAV file containing the combination of a beautiful wind effect and remote weapon firing noises that simulate other operators performing CT training around my hangar between a few more things, but there’s a huge problem: if the sound is larger than around four minutes (if I remember well), the game crashes at the start for some strange reason so I got to keep it really short durable; short as I need nearly half hour to finish all the paths of the training and therefore sound stops very early on mid of the game, which is quite disturbing.
The only solution that comes to my mind right now is to play with my ‘ambient_generic’ options (like ‘flags’, ‘outputs’, ‘inputs’ or however you call these) in order to make the sound unlimitedly repeatable (hopefully that will be possible), but I frankly don’t have any clue about how I should manipulate them.

So I’m hoping for a soon and profitable answer; I’m sorry for wall of text by the way. Cheers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Use soundscapes instead.

ambient_generic is meant for short sounds to be played when something happens, like a button being pressed or a wall breaking. An env_soundscape is the proper entity for what you are trying to do, adding ambient sounds to a level to add detail.

You will need to create a custom soundscape file in order to use your sound with it however, an explanation of how to do that is on the page that I linked above.

Done. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:
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