Hammer Editor only imports hl2 contents

Hello, i have “Valve Complete Pack 2007”(all valve games except L4D and L4D2), but Hammer Editor only imports HL2 contents, can somebody help me?

Hammer Editor Settings:




.fgd’s only give you the entities, in order to get all the models and textures, you need to extract each and every model from the .gcf files inside you steam\steamapps folder.

but, before it works without extracting

Never did unless you mapped for each game.
You can still compile the map with missing content, as it will be visible in-game on garrysmod.

i tryed with CSS game and its working, but when i try use Garry’s Mod it dont imports css contents

Except some textures will be a little screwed up because vrad doesn’t know how to bounce the lighting properly.


You have to extract textures from CS:S to use them in Garry’s Mod Configuration. You are better of compiling with CS:S if you are going to have just CS:S and Hl2 textures. Garry’s Mod configuration is pretty useless.

but, before its worked without extracting.

I’ve never had it work. It shouldn’t anyways. :raise:

My Gmod config works fine… All textures, entities, the lot. I really don’t understand how it doesn’t work with some…