Hammer Editor refuses to be good

I seriously do not understand what is going on here

Probably because:

  1. I am a noob at mapping
  2. I’ve been using it for a grand total of 4 hours

I will start to compile my map (Which is for No More Room In Hell) and it will give me an error message along the likes of:
“The command failed. Windows reported the error: “The system cannot find the file specified.” Do you want to continue?”

Here is my compile log thingy:

From my guesses, it would have something to do with the (Unknown option “-game”) line and also something to do with Hammer Editor not being able to copy across the “weapon_spawn_test.bsp”
But it’s probably a very noob-like mistake that I’ve made, and if someone can point it out, you’re a legend.
Any help would be greatly appreciated


Arent these compile-tools for the GoldSrc engine? You’re 10 years behind man! (I might be wrong about this, but im pretty certain)

In all seriousness tho, to map for NMRiH, you can boot up the game via steam and select “Hammer Editor” in the box that pops up; those are the right tools.

I do boot up Hammer Editor through NMRiH, but even with the default SDK vbsp, vrad, vvis and all that, it still refuses to compile. I am at a loss here. :frowning:

You certainly cant use the ones used in this compilelog, can you post one where you used the correct ones? (Assuming you’ve already done that)

These are the SDK2009 compile tools in use:

Still giving me grief :frowning:

You need to use the Source SDK Base 2013 tools for NMRiH

Steam\steamapps\common\Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer\bin

Oh. I don’t even have that for some reason. Is it included in the normal Source SDK? I might go scour the internet to find it. Thanks for the help, ashton!

Edit: Downloading it now through steam. Will tell how it goes.

Ashton, you legend. Works fine now! :smiley:

But I’m having another problem haha. If I want to spawn zombie in, I’d have to use the func_zombie_spawn entity or something like that, but I cannot seem to find it. Anywhere…

Once again, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Found out that it’s a block property :rolleyes: