Hammer Editor Sucks! Take A Look at this Engine!

You guys are getting a little too angry, … Hammer editor sucks compared to this, well heres the links. I am aware Hammer editor is still awesome.

Free Full Version: http://unity3d.com/unity/download/

Unity 3D Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-FuPlIh2YM

1: Hammer doesn’t suck.

2: This is old news, it’s not the latest technology, and you should probably look into it more before saying things like that on a forum dedicated to Source mapping?

I like unity, but comparing it to Source isn’t really right. Unity is an engine that gives indie devs that first step into making a game, Hammer is for us to make maps for already existing things :v:. Plus this is a completely open thing, hammer isn’t.

and you can’t do anything REALLY good unless you shell out for the expensive licenses.

True on 2. But on 1, Hammer does infact have alot of problems, its terribly out dated, and its extremely simple. Yes you can do amazing wonderful things, im not hating on anyone or Hammer. Valve is working on Hammer Editor, ever since they’re were done with Portal 2.

All those engines are just same stuff, with different filetypes. Source is different.

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Why hammer should be complex?

Source was made for a awesome game (Half life 2, ect). Source itself its generic simple coding and Valve was too lazy to work on half the sounds and textures so they just edited abunch of Stock sounds and photos.

If it sucked, it couldn’t do wonderful things, I’m just saying that Source is still an incredibly powerful
engine, and regardless of whether it’s outdated, it can still give modern games like Portal 2 stunning

Unity, I was messing with that one for a while. I remember it was pretty straight forward, but the
engine is primarily designed for open environments as far as I remember, or at least it excels with
them, a powerful engine, but not something I would compare with Source, simply because of all the
differences in use and functionality.

(Also, you don’t win an argument by calling the other people Dumb, Civil.)

But customs assests are easy to add.

Ok, 1) Hammer isn’t an engine, it’s an editor. Source is the engine.
2) We all know Source sucks. That’s because it’s old.
3) No one cares.

Also if you want to make custom building in those model based engines, you’ll have first model the building which is hard. In Source you can make it out of brushes and existing models.

I wasn’t planning on calling anyone dumb :confused:

And its not the fact that it has to be complex (where did you get that idea?). Its the fact that Hammer Editor doesn’t seem like enough to some really talented people.

I meant Civil, the guy rating everyone he doesn’t agree with, Dumb.

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And I didn’t say anything about that either?

No not really. Its possible, just not as easy.


Why did you come to the Garry’s Mod’s mapping section to advertise some different engine?

But why it has to be hard and complex?
Why it can’t be user friendly?

Oh sorry, you didn’t make the rating thing clear. Yes it was powerful, for 2004-2006. Its just like saying Doom 1 had a powerful engine compared to Hammer Editor. Eventually we hit that 6 year fault where stuff starts becoming complete crap, compared to nowadays.

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I didn’t advertise, I shared.

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Thats not the main goal for it to be hard to use :expressionless:

The main goal is to make things more awesome and easier to use. Graphics wise, this is teh stuff.

Take a look at these pictures:


As you can see source can still make incredible stuff.

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Source gives us freedom.

Dont forget about theese

Atleast for me its incredibile

Hah, why would you show mine? it’s just brushwork, doesn’t really do Source justice.

its the difference between Hammer and other model based editors, You made extremly detailed building without any other program