Hammer Editor viewport 'stretch' bug

I’ve recently tried to get back into mapping, and as luck has it, I’m getting some weird bug (that I can’t seem to find any info about) that is prohibiting me from doing so.

A visual example of said bug is on the following picture, in the top-right viewport. The grid is completely stretched horizontally and scrolling to zoom is completely bonkers.
The same thing happens -more or less- in the 3D viewport, where it seems to switch to an isometric view of sorts.

The bug seems to only occur when I scroll my mouse wheel with the mouse over one of the viewports, and will fix itself when I move the cursor out of said viewport, just to repeat again when the mouse cursor returns.

Has anyone had an issue like this or am I the first, somehow?

I had this error forever, and finally gave up on it.


It may be the same thing, it may be different. I’d suggest trying some of the things from this thread. I gave up eventually and started mapping for CS:GO (not that I’m any better)

I’ve previously tried practically everything said on that thread, without any fixings in sight.

Thing is, Hammer was working fine earlier today, before I decided to remake my brand new mod under Source SDK 2013. Since then, Hammer doesn’t want to work, no matter which game I try to map for.

That’s exactly what happened to me. I was making a map. I closed hammer for the night, and turned it on the next day and that happened. So I didn’t map for 6 months, and then tried mapping again, but it didn’t work. So 9 months more and I made the thread. I hope you find a fix. If you do, add me on steam.

Welp, I just started my PC today and Hammer is working fine, which might suggest it might be a process that launches into your RAM that causes the issue.

I have a feeling that if you start your PC in safe mode, and then launch Hammer, it’ll work.

First of all, you can move the Brush and Manifests options by dragging them, put them underneith the other options and bam you got a bunch of more space. I also suggest not using any Source SDK like regular under the tools tab, instead follow this guide for the most updated version of hammer: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=187235526

My Hammer interface looked like that because I had yet to set it up to my liking, seeing that I was working on trying to get it to work properly again for the past few days.