hammer error gets annoying



I cant test my maps…

just restart steam, this happens to every once and awhile.

i restarted steam about 10 times, Happens every time…

thanks for the answer though

you got leaky internets bub



Oh god, The room is filling with…


Delete clientregistry.blob and restart steam. Should fix it.

A simple restart of your computer works if restarting steam doesn’t work.

Open Task Manager, then go into the processes tab. Look for any .exe files from Steam, besides Steam itself. This normally happens when your compiler crashes, and vvis.exe, vrad.exe, or vbsp.exe was still trying to compile, and they will stay running, causing this error. That is the most common fix is to close one of those .exe files down, then try opening Hammer again. No restarting Steam or your computer required.

Awesome, Will try now!

By the way I should mention to you to not use mcafee
It is a horrible antivirus. AVG free or AVAST free are way better substitutes, not to mention they use less resources.

or norton shit scan.

Norton works fine, accept that people have different tastes. Anyway, ever considered that he has to use mcafee?

Meh, Haven’t gotten round to uninstalling it…

This happens to me when a compiling process is interrupted. Open up task manager and terminate either vrad.exe or vvis.exe.

This happens when I’m playing garrysmod and I crash, though restarting just fixes the problem for me.