Hammer Error

I have just gotten Hammer to work for Gmod, but when I open Source SDK and select Gmod, then open Hammer it tells me that gameinfo.txt doesn’t exist in

When I open that folder gameinfo.txt is in the folder and has the correct text in it.

Just use ep2 configuration. :colbert:

I don’t have ep2

:suicide: You should get it, its a great game.

What engine did you make gmod for?

Well I have played and beaten ep2 (my brother has it, and I am planning on getting it)

I used the 2009, i have also tried 2006 but that didn’t work.

Garrysmod uses source engine 2007 still. According to garry’s blog, there will be an engine update this week, so if you can’t use another game (though hl2 is fine, along with any other source game, because gmod can mount most of them) I suggest waiting.

Ok thanks for the help.


So my issue with it not being able to find gameinfo.txt (even though its there) still happens. Any ideas?


Well problem solved found out i just had an extra space at the end of the path for the gameinf.txt file.