Hammer.exe has stopped responding.

Well this is pissing me off, i have come to the end of mapping and i want to finish this map and i just cant.

Issue: Hammer crashes

Reason: Well i run hammer for the first time this time i started my pc with no problems and begin to map, when i select a entity after 5 minutes or so hammer crashes but not Source SDK, i restart hammer and when ever i open a map or create a new map it crashes hammer instantly.

I never had this problem till a few days ago.

Anyone got a fix?
PS: To fix it for 5 minutes of mapping i have to restart my pc.

Graphics drivers?

Shit PC?

Run Steam as administrator?

My pc really is not that shit.

And could you maybe direct me to the needed graphics drivers and i will try the admin thing, but i never had to do this before.


For running as admin, exit steam, right click your Steam shortcut, then do run as administrator.

Yeah That’s nowhere near a bad PC. Don’t know how to help though, Have you tried re-installing Source SDK?

I will try this now.

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Thank you. And this will be a last port of call as i dont want to loose all my stuff, also i have 112GB of maps, models and materials.

See…it sounds like something might be overheating. This isn’t self built is it?

It is self built.

If it was overheating how comes i can play Garrysmod and Counter Strike: Source at the same time as mapping and they never crash.

And you get good framerates (<25)

It does sound like more a pc issue than a software one. Might be worth running a memory check incase the ram is spazzing out, but then you say games run alright. Games wouldn’t necessary crash when something is overheating, you may get poor framerates though.

Are the maps on a separate hard drive to steam?

It apears to have fixed now i updated the drivers. Thanks a lot guys.

Also i do always get 80-200 fps on nearlly all maps, even when running facebook, hammer, spotify, youtube and facepunch.

maybe hammer hasnt stopped working. sometimes with vista itll show like its not responding but it turns out to be still working, just taking while to export the map,

if it says during export that it says its stopped working, thats different.

you could also try to exit out of some other open programs if any, through the processes, make sure unnecessary programs arent running

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