Hammer: Failed to create empty document.

Hi guys, i got a huge inspiration to start experimenting with CS:GO mapping, but something has broken my hammer editor completely since i last used the program some time ago, and i have a weird bug that doesn’t allow me to use the hammer editor AT ALL

I get this when i try to create a map, or try to open an existing one from the game files

When i’m trying to load an existing map, after this error the program just closes/crashes without a warning or any kind of message

If i try to close the program out normally after getting that error from trying to create a new map, i get this twice before the program actually closes:

Ive tried (not in order):

  • moving the temp folder of windows to a different folder in the environment variables
  • reinstalling cs go and cs go source sdk
  • verifying cs go and cs go source sdk
  • different games’ sdk’s, hl2, css, tf2 etc
  • deleting hammer’s registry lines in regedit
  • restarting windows, twice

I feel like i’ve tried everything, there is legitimately like no documentation on this issue, i truly hope some of u guys can come up with something…

I miss mapping so much and i have so many great ideas that i want to try, i’ve spent hours trying to fix this but nothing ever changed a thing ;_;

Thank you!

check your antivirus hn’t flagged Hammer as malware and blocked it from working properly, then set your antvirus tto ignore hammer or any cs.go files, then verify game cache and try hammer again

My antivirus has been manually completely disabled for months, also tried reinstalling cs go and hammer completely and verifying game cache multiple times earlier

when hammer crashes do you get a crash dump file in the folder where hammer.exe is if you do can you post a screen shot of it