Hammer fails to initialize

Hi! I have this problem: After some mapping, I saved my work, and then wanted to do something else. However the computer shut down and I found out that I accidentally pressed the On/Off button (it gets stuck for some reason if pushed from the right angle) and when I tried starting hammer again, it said Failed to initialize texture system and then exited. Nor refreshing SDK content nor reinstalling worked. Any tips?

Try restarting the pc.

Thanks, it worked.

Restarting a pc fixes 90% of known oddities.

I bet this thread will make Sphinxa pissed.

It would annoy me at work. Someone has an issue, and the immediate question i would ask was “when did you last restart”. Either they couldn’t remember, or it was a few months ago, and restarting the pc would fix the problem.

I don’t want to live anymore…

Was expecting worse

I’ll go make sure he isn’t committing suicide.

He must be doing it very slowly.