Hammer for Gmod wont work.

Bifore I start I want to warn you I have Dyslexia.

Soo I was preparing my new gamemode and wanted to have a fitting map.
As you might think the gamemode is the problem. No its just a bunch of files and I dont have them close to enny map(s) yet.

The problem: When I lunch Source SDK from steam library it starts up just fine, I can select the game (in this case Garry’s mod) and click the hammer program.
it starts up and I can go to new map BLAM "missing scheme file"error.
I disided to watch a few youtube videos to faind a fix.
All of them said to chagne to a correct directory and thats what i did. I chagned to the exact same directory. Then they said I should go into the Gameinfo.txt and add a line ToolsAppId
and a number following a bit away from it. 211 as usual and end with a //done.
When I came to add that it was already there.

The last fix I could faind was lounch Hammer from the bin folder.
Nope it started up with me selecting game configuration and Gmod wasnt there.
I could choose from CS:s TF2 and Day of Defeat: Source.
I only own TF2 by those games. I clicked it and a new error" Setup file ‘gameinfo.txt’ doesn’t exist in subdirectory 'C:\Pfiles(x86)Steam\SteamApps\common\GarrysMod f.
Check your -game parameter or VCONFIG setting.
I have a video soo I will add it here later.
If ennyone knows a fix tell me.

Use the Hammer editor from Team Fortress 2. There’s no other fix.

Hi. Thank you for your response. Soo I have a question. I can still use the same stuff as in Gmod?

Yes. You can use Hammer for Counter-Strike: Source/Day of Defeat: Source or Half-Life 2 too.

Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life 2\bin\hammer.exe

Since gmod is basicly using the same content as Half-Life 2.
And if you prefer you can create your own configuration in hammer itself.

Just start hammer in Half-Life 2 and go to tools->options and put your configurations like this:


The build programs for Half-Life 2 work equally for gmod so no need to change those.

Thank you soo mutch. I can now transfer my texture pack to half-life and get my work going on.
Now tho this sint a full solving of the original problem i can live with it.