Hammer freezing at the end of portal flow compiling

When compiling my map it gets to 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9… and then it freezes all the time

it’s getting pretty annoying, any suggestions?

and if asking for specs I think I have enough

quad core 2.66GHZ
4 GB ram

It’s not frozen, the last dot always takes alot longer than the rest.

yet the title changes to “(not responding)”

and when I click a random place on hammer/the compiler it fades white

“Not responding” DOES NOT MEAN it has stopped working. Jeez. Just let it finish.

well it sorta does… but ok I’ll give it another shot

No it doesn’t. The program is using all the CPU processing time and is therefore non-responsive because it’s busy. Being non-responsive is actually a sign that it’s working.

lol ok, It’s currently at 5… so we gotta see

Not necessarily, if say the program got stuck in an infinite loop using full cpu power, it would be not responding and not working. Hence windows has a feature to detect the symptoms of this incase you need to terminate the program.

If it says not responding when compiling it’s still working.
Open the task manager and monitor how much CPU and memory vbsp/vrad/vvis is using.
If it’s using a lot it’s probably still working, if it’s not using that much then it’s probably crashed.

Might sound like a weird way of telling but usually it’ll use loads of resources then die down and not use very much at all for ages when it’s crashed (but not cancelled itself.)

What is it these days with people not having the patience to wait :rolleyes: