Hammer freezing up while Compiling

Almost everytime I try to compile my map as it is it freezes up usually on buildingfacelights 1…2…3 And which I have to close out and when I try to start up hammer theres an error, So I restart source SDK and I cant and it says the game in unavailible so then I have to restart my computer just so I can open it again! Is there a way to Stop it from freezing?

Are you using Windows 7?
In Windows 7 there’s been issues with the compiling log window freezing up during compile. The actual compile is still processing in the background though.
The reason it says the game is unavailable is because you close hammer, but not the running vvis, vrad, and vbsp.
Try waiting for the game to load. And if it takes longer than it should for the complexity of your map, then there’s problems that needs to be altered in your map.

I heard there might be a way to use the command-prompt as a compile window, but I don’t know for sure yet.

^ This

I have Win7 and mine completely freezes up during compile (after like 6 lines). It compiles eventually though.

I would just try waiting it out.

No I have Vista 64 bit and ill try waiting a lot longer than before.

Hammer compiling has never really been that fast for me, Are you sure it just isnt taking its time compiling?

Ok I got it to finish I had to wait a while ( I’m sorta impatient. ) And after making changes while checking how it turned out it was the same exact thing as before. I changed the .bsp files but its still the same, And to top it off there are random clear boxes appearing, not just tiny ones, Huge ones, disappearing and when you move to a different angle they appear/disappear. I have checked multiple times and it does the same thing every time.

I have a Picture http://s841.photobucket.com/albums/zz333/Dragonscreed96/Mapping/?action=view&current=teh_map0001.jpg In link form ( Not sure how to do the thingy). Then When I was trying to get the picture it took me about 5 tries because my game kept crashing on the map.

I have this exact problem, also running windows seven, but it appears to only occur when compiling for ep2.